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An Answered Prayer,
by Lydia C., 6th grade

James pulled on his coat and grabbed his camera.

“Where are you going, James?” his little sister, Carol, asked.

“Out to play.”

“Can I come?” she begged. “Can we play Indians?”

James sighed. He didn’t want company, but Carol would cry if he said no. “Yeah, come on.”

“Keep an eye on her!” Mom called. “And stay out of trouble.”

“Okay!” He waited for Carol, then opened the door. Carol skipped out in front of him. James lead the way through the woods to his favorite bird watching spot.

Carol said excitedly, “Can we play now?”

“No, we’re bird watching,” he said. “You have to be very quiet. I need to take a picture of a cardinal for my bird album.”

“Okay” Carol sighed. She sat still for about two minutes then started to fidget.

James turned. “What’s the matter, Carol?”

“I’m thirsty.”

He took out the water bottle and handed it to her. Three minutes later she began to fidget again.

“What is it now?” James said, annoyed. “You’re scaring the birds!”

“I’m bored.”

James sighed. He would never get a picture of a cardinal at this rate. “Carol, how about you go play near those oaks over there? I’ll go take pictures over here.”

“Okay.” Carol smiled.

James walked a couple yards back to his bird watching spot. If he looked back he could see Carol playing. A flash of red flew past and landed on a branch. A cardinal! It was too far to get a good picture. He crept after it, but it never stayed still long enough for him to take a picture.

Suddenly James remembered Carol. He looked around but couldn’t see her or the oaks she’d been playing under. He began searching, but he couldn’t find her.

Then James remembered to pray, “Dear Lord, help me find Carol, and please keep her safe. I’m sorry for leaving her.”

James searched till he found his bird watching spot. There was Carol, crying. He ran to her. “Carol, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you. Are you okay?”

“How did you find me?” she sniffled.

“I prayed that God would help me,” James said.

“We should thank him,” Carol said.

They prayed and thanked God for helping James find her. When they finished, a noise above them made them look up. There was a cardinal! James snapped a picture, and they walked home hand in hand.

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