Writing Resources

The Writing Craft
Advanced Fiction Writing
Includes advice about outlining, marketing, a quiz to tell you how far along you are on your writing journey, and more.
Go Teen Writer
Two wonderful ladies (who happen to be published authors!) share loads of writing knowledge to help young authors along.
Kingdom Pen
Website, e-zine, and forum written for young Christian writers by young Christian writers. I was skeptical about the quality of the magazine and information before reading it, but it is fantastic! I highly recommend subscribing to it. If you haven’t done so, you’re seriously missing out.
The Other Side of the Story
A blog with over 500 articles on writing fiction; everything from planning your story to marketing it.
Institute of Children’s Literature
This organization offers fiction writing classes but also maintains a list of helpful articles on writing. Click the link to find a topical index of articles.

Publishing Industry
Rachelle Garder
Ms. Gardner is an agent who is very generous about sharing her knowledge about good stories and the publishing industry.
Books & Such blog
The inside scoop from the team at Books & Such Literary Agency.
The Steve Laube Agency Blog
Industry news and advice from agents
Michael Hyatt’s Literary Agent List
An industry profession gives a few tips on agents and provides a list of reputable agents who represent Christian authors.
Chip’s Blog
Writing and Industry tips from agents Chip MacGregory and Amanda Luedeke.

Fun and Helpful
The Gender Genie
If you’re a girl writing from a guy’s POV, or a guy writing from a girl’s POV, this could be helpful to you. You can paste a chapter (or more) into this tool and it will tell you if it seems like it was written by a guy or a girl.
Word Counter
Wonder what words you overuse? Paste a chapter (or more) into this tool and it will tell you what words you use most often, and how many times you used those words.
Easy Bib
If you write stories that require a lot of research (like historical fiction) this website is the perfect way to make a bibliography and keep track of all your sources. I love it!
Type in a word and get a list of words that rhyme with it.
Baby Name Genie
Have fun and get some help figuring out your characters name. Just put in a last name and the site will generate a first and middle name for you.
Behind the Name
Search for names based on country or meaning. Or look up the most popular baby names in a certain year.
My Personality
Put your characters through a test to find out what their Myer-Briggs personality type is. (Must sign up for a free account.) Most helpful if used in tandem with Personality Page portraits of the character types.

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